Djokovic shapes up as the Unstoppable Force ahead of ATP Finals

The ATP finals will take place in London this year and Barclays is the proud sponsor of the tournament. Even though the grand slam competitions outshine this final event of 2015, it still generates tremendous interest among tennis players and fans.

Under normal circumstances, there will be many questions to ask, including the one regarding the player most likely to win the trophy.

In 2015, bookmakers have already decided with Djokovic and many of them offer ridiculously low odds on the Serbian to prevail. To be perfectly fair, he has been rolling so smooth over the last couple of months, that it is virtually suicidal to go against him. Opponents found it impossible to defeat him regardless of surfers and expect for the dramatic Roland Garros defeat, he doesn’t have too many unpleasant memories from 2015.


Recently he prevailed in Paris after dismantling Andy Murray in straight sets and he only job one set in the semifinals. The Scotsman played impressive tennis throughout the event and once again seem capable to post a real challenge to the world number one. Unfortunately for him he was clearly outplayed and this doesn’t bode well ahead of the ATP finals in London.

Meanwhile, there are a couple of ambitious players coming from behind and hoping to win the trophy, including Wawrinka and Nishikori. The problem with them is that they had their fair share of injuries and there is a good chance not to compete at the same level throughout the tournament. The Japanese had it worse and was forced to retire from the Paris event in a match against a local favorite.

Ferrer is aging and even though he does it gracefully, age is finally catching up with him and he is rarely a threat for Djokovic. Nadal is the perennial challenger but even though he plays great on other services besides play, he didn’t defeat his arch rival for quite a while. He tends to suffer untimely eliminations when his fitness concerns become emergencies, so it is risky business to back him to prevail in London.


Federer is the only one actually capable of causing an upset at the ATP finals, but age is a problem for him as well. Furthermore, he was eliminated by Isner at the end of three long sets and his inability to prevail in the tiebreaker against a top server was his downfall.