Prime Slots Casino is proud to announce its eCogra certification

Online casino games are promising their members to provide a safe environment, so they casino-review-prime-slotscan focus exclusively on how to maximize their profit margin.

On one hand, they invest massively in firewalls and encryption protocols that should prevent wrongdoers from stealing money or sensitive data.

This is a gargantuan task that requires a lot of effort and a significant investment, but it also represents just the tip of the iceberg.

At the same time, players are overly concerned about the possibility of the casino itself besieging them, by running a crushing house edge. Most of the games are played against the random number generator and only a fraction involved live dealers, so it is essential to be able to trust the RNG.


Prime Slots Casino is relatively new to this industry, but already took all the necessary steps to help members put their concerns to rest.

In the most recent press review, they have announced that all their games are now eCogra certified, therefore the house edge is fair and the random number generator impossible to predict. This applies to all their games ranging from slot machines and video poker, to table games and specialty titles, such as bingo and keno.

The auditor is monitoring the fans of the games at hundreds of online casinos and all new operators are seeking their counsel and seal of approval.
Speaking of which, those who contemplate the possibility of signing up for real money account will now have the chance to see this seal of approval on the first page.

eCogra is on the best-known and most respected testing company, fully specialized in asserting the fairness of online casino games, systems and software.

They been around for long enough to make a name for themselves and have all the reasons to maintain the same high quality standards.

They are not going to cut online casinos any slack and will go all the way in their attempts to create a better and safer gaming environment. Prime Slots Casino representatives new, but they didn’t have any reasons to worry, because they share the same values and do their due diligence to keep the bar high.

These new partnership will ensure the protection of all customers, both real money and those using virtual currency, while trying to prevent underage gaming.
While the random number generator is fair and the evaluations are monitored often, the testing company will also help in combating criminal behavior and fraud.

The sensitivity formation of customers is no better protected and privacy is insured, while the payment should be operated faster and safer.

Last but definitely not least, all online casinos abiding by their standards practice responsible marketing and do their very best to ensure that their campaigns are targeted at adults rather than underage people.