Dhoze to add Playtech’s Ace Ventura slots

Ace Ventura is on the best-known characters impersonated by Jim Carrey and many years after the Hollywood blockbuster, it dhozelogostill lives in the minds of moviegoers.

The obvious way to bring it back to life is by renting the DVD and watching them with your friends to have a lot of fun. Alternative for slot machine enthusiast will be to play the Ace Ventura slots, which have the famous character at their cornerstone.

Luckily for those who have an account with Dhoze this game is now running live.

The software developer Playtech was the one to produce Ace Ventura video slots and this is actually the latest installment of a very successful sequence of games. The strange detective is going to look for missing animals and players will monitor his progress, while collecting prices whenever he succeeds. It’s a fun way to spend your winter months if the weather outside is frightful, not to mention the possibility of actually winning a lot of money.

The animals can be combined and collected, with the right sequence releasing bonuses and free spins but also the coveted animal modifiers. These are the ultimate winning combinations, which award all the freebies at once and players can unlock them on both desktop computers and smartphones or tablets.


The advent of mobile devices has greatly simplify the mission of video slots fans and Dhoze make the most of its games compatible with these gadgets.
You are not going to experience any high latency and the games are unlikely to crash when you are about to win a major paycheck.

It was released simultaneously across all devices and it brilliantly captures the very essence of five reel slot machines. The original movie characters that players probably remember from the film released a decade ago includes various animals and painted an excellent picture.

Playtech has an extensive collection of slot machines and many of them are inspired by television, although the Marvel comics video slots are the most popular right now. They come in different flavors and players will get the chance to their favorite heroes as well as their sidekicks, in an environment that familiar with.

Their availability across all platforms and channels is another great selling point, since players are not restricted to one gadget they don’t necessarily own.

They benefit from the latest advancements of technology, including the Playtech ONE omni-channel offering, which allows players to enjoy their games anyway. The advantage of unique a single account and a single wallet for gambling purposes has been at the cornerstone of their strategy.

Dhoze was among the first to respond positively to this change of trend and that’s why, they were constantly chosen by the software developer as the first casino who introduced their new games.