Odobo deal brings 20 new games to Bet365 Casino

Bet365 Casino is a Scandinavian gambling operator, so it comes as no surprise that it prefers to work with software developers logo-bet365dedicated to the local market.

It shows in partners carefully over the last couple of years and the ones providing the new titles fall into the same category.

One of the local industry leaders is Mr Green casino Free Spins one of the first to expand beyond Swedish borders and their recipe for success is closely followed by other operators.

Bet365 Casino decided to walk down the same path and sign an agreement with the software developer that has been providing games to the aforementioned casino.

Odobo is already actively involved in providing games to Swedish casinos, both those catering almost exclusively to local players and international operators. Bet365 tries to make a successful transition from one category to the other, so it makes perfect sense to team up with a partner that can help them speed up the process.
Odobo is a software developer licensed and regulated by the authorities in Gibraltar, therefore has to abide by their high standards.

The company grew at a fast rate in 2015 and this translated into a higher number of games released in the last couple of months. Some of them are going to be introduced by Bet365 this January, but players will have to wait a couple of more months to have all the 20 games available.

It is definitely worth waiting for the complete collection, as the six sample games are already immensely popular. They go by the name of Extinction, Gourmet Ranch Riches, Epic City, Lucky Pirates, The Oddventurers and Big Time Journey and can be played on tablets and smartphones. Odobo plans to release even more games in the upcoming weeks and as they are produced, they will be added one by one to Bet365’s online collection.


This approach will have a two-pronged effect, because players will not have to wait too long to enjoy new and innovative games. At the same time, they will be given enough time to get familiar with the game mechanics of each game, with no rush and any pressure. Since the software developer promised to release more than 20 games in 2016 and they are expected to produce significantly more games by the end of the year, subsequent ways are expected.

The founder and CEO of Odobo has expressed his enthusiasm for conquering new markets and for consolidating the company’s position in Scandinavia. By shaking hands with Bet365 and other online casinos dedicated to the local public, Odobo will have no problem in promoting its content.

It definitely helps that these guys offer state-of-the-art games that virtually sell themselves, but even so you need an online casino that can act as a springboard to customers. This relationship is going to continue at least until the end of 2016, but it is very likely that more games will be added in 2017.